Add some character to your home by using this authentic hand woven mud cloth as either a throw on the sofa, framed as a wall hanging or on the dining table. 

This hand-crafted Mud Cloth from West Africa, reflects centuries old art of mud dyeing cotton and embellished with distinctive tribal patterns and symbols.
Local artisans deep the hand woven fabric in natural dye from tree leaves and dry it in the sun. The fabric is then hand painted with fermented river mud in traditional motifs.
Rich in meaning, the geometric patterns often tell a story about the maker or local history. Each mud cloth has its unique pattern as it is hand woven and hand dyed.
This time consuming process makes the mud cloth truly unique.

Size: 42" × 70" / 112cm x 186cm
Fabric: 100% woven cotton
Care: cold handwash. Dry on line. Do not tumble dry.

Arty Mud Cloth