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Fesdesigns Lifestyle is a brand which showcases 'all things beautiful' in a simple, elegant, stylish and modern light. We use vibrant colours and bold patterns to express the zest and exuberance of life in our products. 


Our "Afropean" style is our main stay. The "Afropean" look is blending of African prints and textures into Western fashion, to create unique pieces. 


The Fesdesigns lifestyle encompasses:


* Women's Fashion/Accessories 

* Home Decor 


Fesdesigns Fashion/Accessories:

We merchandise, design and make bespoke and limited edition apparel, bags, belts, jewellery etc for the every day fashion conscious woman. We have a range of pieces including:


* Ready-to-wear 

* Smart casual 

* Formal / Party wear 


Home Decor:

We believe the home to be an expression of oneself, a place of comfort, beauty and a peaceful retreat from the busyness of the world. We therefore design and make pieces with these elements in mind. Our home decor pieces include: 


* Table runners 

* Cushions 

* Homeware and Art.


My name is Fese Hamilton and I have a passion and love for all things beautiful, be it fashion, nature, corporate or private spaces. I am a wife, mother of 2, Sociologist by education, Executive Assistant by profession but a Home Décor and Fashion Designer by passion. 

I believe I have a natural knack and an ‘eye’ for creativity/design.  My passion for ‘all things beautiful’ propelled me to set up Glam Décor, a successful Event Management company from 2005-2011; and this passion continued leading to the setting up of FesDesigns.

Happy shopping 

Fese Hamilton xx

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