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My name is Fese Hamilton, a true ‘AfroBrit’ (Cameroonian, Nigerian, Sierra Leonean and British) who loves and embraces all things beautiful from Africa and the Western world.

I am passionate about beautiful homes, clothing, shoes, jewelry, art, gardens; - the list is endless. In my frequent travels around the world, I look out for and collect all sorts of interesting pieces (art, fabrics etc.) which satisfies my longing for rich culture. I have always been interested in the richness of African art and culture and this has propelled me to bring some of that into your homes in terms of soft furnishings – Cushions, Table runners, Table runner sets, placemats, Bedding, Bathroom accessories, Wall hangings and Art.

It’s all about something ‘different’ as you will not find FesDesigns’ style anywhere else. I do limited edition and some bespoke pieces and will take on projects to customize your home to your taste.

My designs are simple, very unique, interesting and characterful; and my style can be summed up as bold, vibrant and contemporary.

Hope you like the pieces as much as I enjoy creating them. I would like to hear from you so please contact me at: info@fesdesigns



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