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Africa Fashion Week London 2016 – The experience!!!

After the build-up of excitement, anticipation, stress and all that goes with attending your first big exhibition, The Africa Fashion Week London 2016, did not disappoint. FesDesigns was the only Home Décor store at the event; so was I pleased? Yep!!! You can say that again.

The visitors stopped by our stall, checking out the wide variety of high quality bespoke and limited edition unique soft furnishing pieces – cushions, table runners, placemats, bathroom accessories, bedding and art. The rich, vibrant, bold and characterful pieces represented the culture of across Africa with images such as masks, calabashes, symbols and scrips. There was a buzz in the air and watching the customers, we could detect a sense of confusion as to which pieces they should choose…… often they solicited the help of their friends and family to help them decide. It was fun and the feedback from visitors and customers was very impressive and positive.

The AFWL provided a platform for exposure and networking for FesDesigns and the exhibition also gave us further insight into what customers are looking for – GOOD quality African home décor pieces.

As FesDesigns continues on its journey, we aim to continue to provide just that – Fab ‘Afropean’ home décor pieces.

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