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Believe it or not; Realize it or not; Admit it or not! By virtue of our History, Exposure and Life Experiences, no one reading this can claim to be strictly and exclusively AFRICAN, EUROPEAN or "WESTERN"! I am obviously not talking about DNA and Ethnicity here. (No time or "ngum" to delve into any complicated "WE-ARE-ALL-DESCENDED-FROM-ADAM & EVE" or "BANTU MIGRATION" debate this sharp morning, ah beg!)

I am talking about things like LANGUAGE: Not too many of us can claim, on any given day, to spend so much as 1 hour speaking LAMNSO, KENYANG, LIMBUM or MOKPE exclusively, given that none of them happens to be the LINGUA FRANCA at our place of work or business. And outside our respective professional settings, very few of us can even make a complete, straight sentence without "borrowing" from at least one other language - French and Pidgin English included.

When it comes to DRESS, much as the "KONTRI CLOSS" worn by our Cameroonian athletes at the just ended OLYMPIC Games made a very positive impact, it certainly would NOT be the garb of choice in other circumstances. (Would not quite work for the Physician doing his rounds at the hospital, would it? Nor would Miss Binder's LAPPA, BUBA & HEADTIE that looked great in Graduation Day pictures have worked for her in the Biology Lab!)

As for FOOD/DIET, I am certain we all have our preferences, but the truth is that our palates are as diverse as ever, having learned to "accommodate" and enjoy everything from SUSHI, PASTA and RATATOUILLE to "MUNGWIN", NDOLE and ACHU!

NOW, LET'S TALK ABOUT OUR HOMES: DOES YOURS REFLECT THIS INTRINSIC "MÉLANGE" (POTPOURRI)?????? The answer, for most, is likely to be "NO"! The Truth is: But for the odd sculpture, painting or carving hanging on a wall somewhere, the rest of our HOME DECOR is "WESTERN": From the RUGS, CUSHION COVERS and TABLE RUNNERS, all the way to the BATHROOM ACCESSORIES, CANDLE HOLDERS and BEDDING!!!

And that, LADIES & GENTLEMEN, is where CLASS OF 1979's Mrs. FESE MBONGO HAMILTON and her brainchild - FESDESINGS come in, ever so TASTEFULLY - and AFFORDABLY!

FESDESIGNS is, indeed, THE ANSWER for those of us who do want to keep our "WESTERN" sofa, but who would love to be able to accessorize it with an "ETHNIC" cushion. In short, it is THE SOLUTION - when it comes to HOME DECOR, for those who PROUDLY ACKNOWLEDGE & EMBRACE THE UNIQUENESS OF THEIR DIVERSITY, and who wish to see it stylishly and tastefully REFLECTED & MANIFESTED in their HOME. TAKE A LOOK AT WHAT FESDESIGNS HAS TO OFFER, and you'll understand what I mean: (SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN!) HAPPY BROWSING & SHOPPING to you, and KUDOS to Mrs. FESE HAMILTON!


, SakerPride

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